Update a profile group


Name Type Required Optional Searchable Note
siteid numeric REQUIRED, Passed via URI
categoryid numeric REQUIRED, Passed via URI
groupid numeric REQUIRED, Passed via URI
groupname string REQUIRED, Passed via BODY


Example Request{siteid}/categories/profile/{categoryid}/groups/{groupid}

Example Header

PUT /sites/{siteid}/categories/profile/{categoryid}/groups/{groupid} HTTP/1.1
AccessToken: LLG/WrVphmmhdonyYb8C7w==
Cache-Control: no-cache

Example Body JSON

  "groupname":"random groupname data"

Possible Results Sets

Results Set

  "developermessage":"The request has been fulfilled and resulted in a resource being updated.",

Access Denied Set

  "developermessage":"A request was made to a resource that you do not have ownership of.",
  "status":"access denied"