Update a training assignment


Name Type Required Optional Searchable Note
transcriptid numeric REQUIRED, Passed via URI
startdate datetime OPTIONAL, Passed via BODY
duedate datetime OPTIONAL, Passed via BODY


Example Request{transcriptid}

Example Header

PUT /trainingassignments/{transcriptid} HTTP/1.1
AccessToken: wMyjVzdB70wR8RyA6PuBAA==
Cache-Control: no-cache

Example Body JSON

  "startdate":"random startdate data",
  "duedate":"random duedate data"

Possible Results Sets

Results Set

  "developermessage":"The request has been fulfilled and resulted in a resource being updated.",

Access Denied Set

  "developermessage":"A request was made to a resource that you do not have ownership of.",
  "status":"access denied"